5 Key Benefits of Customizable Workflows in International Shipping

April 22, 2024
Ram Radhakrishnan
Founder & CEO


A deep dive into the role of data standardization in improving the efficiency of logistics and supply chain operations.

For a long time, there used to be few, and limited, options for international shipping. The traditional method offered a one-size-fits-all approach, which made it challenging for these operations to be more efficient. Today, that is no longer the case because customizable workflows give a business much more control and the ability to effectively navigate complexities that may arise in the shipping process.

With customizable workflows, you have more control over the shipping operation. This means you can tailor your shipping process to meet your specific needs and those that your cargo may require. Unlike traditional shipping operations, this will help you gain flexibility and efficiency throughout your entire operation, from order placement to delivery.

How Customizable Workflows Work in International Shipping

Think of the Lego bricks that allow you to create different tools and experiences. Well, the customizable workflow in international shipping is quite similar to that. With customizable workflows, you build a unique experience for each shipping operation. However, there are factors in place that will dictate the nature or type of experience you can build. These factors are related to the nature and type of cargo, destination, stakeholders, regulatory requirements, and potential decision points in the shipping process.

Customizable workflows may incorporate a modular approach and parameterization. The modular approach allows you to adjust and automate supply chain processes. If certain requirements change or if there are unavoidable situations, the workflow can be adjusted as needed without disrupting the shipping process. On the other hand, parameterization is a sort of rule-based, “if-else” logic that helps automate decision-making in the shipping process. Specific actions within the workflow will be triggered when certain conditions are met.

Because business and shipping needs are always changing, the customizable workflow was designed to be dynamic enough to accommodate these changes. To this effect, many of them were designed to be integrated with different technology platforms, which allows for real-time tracking and effective communication throughout the entire shipping operation.

What are the Benefits of Customizable Workflows in International Shipping?

An international shipping operation is complex by nature. Navigating or controlling it can be a very unpleasant undertaking, especially with the myriad of requirements and regulations that abound. However, adopting a customizable workflow can make the operation and supply chain more responsive. Here, we discuss a few ways your international freight and shipping operation can benefit from the use of customizable workflows:

Reduce Errors

A typical international shipping operation has many parts moving together to achieve the ultimate goal of getting the ship, and the cargo on board, to its destination. Owing to the operation's complexity and the repetitive nature of it, the people operating it are susceptible to errors or mistakes. Fixing these errors takes time and is a distraction to the shipping operation.

With customizable workflows, many of these errors can be significantly reduced. Customizable workflows simplify the shipping process, ensure all requirements are accounted for, and correctly adhere to the necessary procedures. They can also avoid delays or fines that would otherwise have disrupted the flow of supply chain management.

Improve Shipping Efficiency

Like every major operation, there are many repetitive tasks in the international shipping operation. These tasks often draw operators away from more delicate or nuanced issues. However, with the customizable workflow in place, these could be avoided. They can automate the repetitive tasks, ensuring that the team on board can focus on more delicate matters or tasks. Overall, the crew will have a much better experience, and their output or efficiency will be greater, compared to the traditional shipping process.

Smoothen Shipping Operations

Because it can be adjusted when needed, the customizable workflow is adaptable to different situations and can help navigate issues from different scenarios. The system can also integrate with other technology platforms and shipping solutions, which allows it to run a seamless information flow that all stakeholders can access. With this ability, the customizable workflows can also enhance the visibility and transparency of the shipping operation.

Save Time

The time it takes to get the required documentation, manually adjust new routes, and figure out what it will take to meet up with the required regulations can be cut down significantly with customizable workflows. Aside from being adjustable and flexible, they also help compile all the details and documentation you need to avoid delays or unnecessary fines during shipping operations. Without customizable workflows, any shipping operation could be put under major strain. Fortunately, it can all be avoided now.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

With customizable workflows, shipping companies or carriers can provide customers with a more personalized and responsive service. It helps them align the shipping process with the customer's requirements. This way, the shipping business can also serve the customers better, including providing them with all the necessary information they will need throughout the shipping operation. Doing all of these is sure to enhance the customer's satisfaction level. Still, more than that, it can also help shipping businesses build trust and better relationships with their customers.

Creating a Better Shipping Experience with Silq’s Customizable Workflow

Picture ADA Apparel, a clothing company in the fashion industry for over half a century, which has been enjoying decent and steady success. However, their reluctance to innovate is beginning to cost them, especially in a modern fashion industry that is so competitive and almost unforgiving when you make mistakes. The shipping operators have begun to dislike their jobs simply because of the sheer panic they feel whenever they commence shipping operations. The panic was not because they didn't know what to do or how to operate and fulfill international shipping. It was caused by the inefficiencies plaguing the entire process. It has made international shipping a nightmare.

The constant scramble to meet deadlines, failure to meet customer needs, seemingly unending paperwork, and the scramble to meet regulatory requirements all had the team demanding a better system in place. They knew they could run a more efficient supply chain and shipping operation, and they were not taking no for an answer. It didn’t take long before the management caved in. They also felt the impact of the issues plaguing their shipping operations and were well aware that customers were beginning to turn their backs on the once-reputable business.

Needing a solution as soon as possible, ADA Apparel turned to Silq, who has worked with various businesses and successfully turned their shipping operations around for the better. Doing the same for ADA Apparel would not be any different. With Silq's expertise and customizable workflow software, ADA Apparel began by leveraging Silq's modular approach to its customizable workflows. In no time, it was able to redesign and streamline its entire supply chain and shipping operations.

ADA Apparel was able to make its shipping operation more adaptable to different shipment types, destinations, cargo types, and other customer requirements. Furthermore, the company implemented parameters such as shipment weight, delivery deadlines, and regulatory requirements. Having enjoyed immediate success, ADA wasn’t going to slow down. They went further and used the Silq platform to integrate all the company’s existing resource platforms. This allowed ADA to enjoy real-time tracking and effective communication throughout their freight and shipping operations.

How Silq’s approach to creating customized task lists enhances efficiency and reliability

Although it is true that freight shipping operations are often plagued with inefficiencies and errors that result in one disruption or another,  Silq's customized task list can help make that a thing of the past. The system provides you with tailored tasks associated with your shipment. It goes a step further and alerts you to the urgency and relevance of each task to specific shipments. 

With this, you are always up to date on tasks you need to carry out to ensure your shipment operations are running seamlessly. This eliminates the guessing system many businesses use and ensures you do not miss anything, especially those that could derail or disrupt global supply chains.

With Silq’s customized task platform, you can configure shipment execution plans based on your preferences and measure supply chain efficiency. We know shipping and improving supply chain performance can be difficult, but there is no reason you should be unable to create a process that works just for you. All you have to do is configure the platform to suit your preferred process, and we will handle the rest. Connect with us today.

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