Full Container Load

Full containers, without surprises

For direct shipments from your suppliers to your warehouse

Why Silq FCL?

Our FCL service is optimized for speed

Predictable cargo ready dates (CRD)
Our inspection teams keep tabs on your production. They anticipate delays so we know exactly when your shipments are ready to move.
Flexible sailings schedules
Leverage Silq's carrier contracts to access multiple sailing schedules based on your rate and route preferences.
Improve inventory management
Our algorithms track multiple milestones to accurately estimate your shipment delivery date. Get your shipments on time or get your Silq fees refunded.
Personalized execution workflows
With our client-specific execution task workflows, rigorous planning and smooth technology, nothing falls through the cracks.

Ship more

Don't wait to fill a container. Ship each SKU as soon as its ready and keep your inventory moving.

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Don't put all your eggs
in one basket

Accelerate and de-risk your supply chain by splitting your POs into multiple shipments.

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Save money on
unused space

Only pay for the space you use by sharing containers with accredited customers in the Silq network.

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