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Shipping without surprises

Silq combines factory inspections and freight forwarding to make your deliveries more predictable.

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Leading brands work with us to get their shipments on time

But how?

We tackle the 3 biggest
sources of unpredictability in shipping



Production delaysProduction delays

Forecast cargo ready dates with Silq factory inspections

  • The shipment tracking problem starts on the factory floor. That's why at Silq, we bring final inspections and freight forwarding under the same roof.
  • Our on-site inspectors track your Cargo Ready Date and anticipate production delays to make shipping delays a thing of the past.



Rolled shipmentsRolled shipments

Ensure consistent sailings with Silq shared containers

  • Even the biggest forwarders can't prevent carriers from rolling your shipments. So, what do we do differently?  Enter Silq's Shared Container Load service (SCL). Not LCL. SCL.
  • Our containers move on specific boats, every week, without fail. Carriers love the consistency since we lock in our space. We then find up to 3 shipments within our network to pool together in our boxes.
  • And voila! A container-sharing service that's designed for FCL shippers.



Forwarder errorForwarder error

Prevent execution failures with Silq's customizable workflows

  • International shipping is a relay race of carriers, brokers, and documents. When it works, it works. But poor planning can be disastrous.
  • At Silq, we take planning very seriously. We create a customized list of tasks for each project and engage our clients at each step of the way.
  • Shipment tracking goes beyond just knowing the location of your goods and, with Silq, nothing falls through the cracks.

The cherry on top

Our cutting-edge platform helps you manage your projects. Of course, for no extra charge!

Silq platform