About Silq

In 2022, importers paid over $10 billion for tech to make their shipments more predictable. Unfortunately, they’re not there yet. That’s because the predictability problem starts on the factory floor. And software platforms, well, they don't have a foot in the door.

Enter. Silq.

We believe that by getting early access to production data, we can make shipping more predictable. To do this, we’ve built a network of field operators who go to factories and gather production insights. We’ve also developed a novel way to ship by leveraging these insights. Finally, Silq's platform brings it all together into a seamless shipping experience.

With Silq, our customers get certainty around their ex-factory dates, make the most of their container space, and ship on consistent sailing schedules. We’re investing in both technology and operations every single day.  And with each innovation, we continue helping our customers ship without surprises.