Air Freight

Get your cargo, ASAP

For high value shipments with a high-opportunity cost

Why Silq Air Freight?

Our Air Freight service helps meet tight deadlines

Maximize capital efficiency
By moving high-value goods by air freight, our customers maximize inventory turns and cash cycles while minimizing interest expenses and significant inventory risk.
Protect high-value shipments
With additional screening and tighter security protocols at air cargo facilities worldwide and Silq consolidation centers, our Air Freight solution maintains a clear chain-of-custody.
Flexible flight schedules
Silq leverages Blocked Space Agreements (BSA’s) with major carriers on the trans-pacific trade, providing unparalleled to access to flight schedules that does right by your business.
Personalized execution workflows
With our client-specific execution task workflows, rigorous planning and smooth technology, nothing falls through the cracks.

Consider a fast ocean freight solution instead?

Check out our Shared Container Load (SCL) service


Ship more

Don't wait to fill a container. Ship each SKU as soon as its ready and keep your inventory moving.

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Don't put all your eggs
in one basket

Accelerate and de-risk your supply chain by splitting your POs into multiple shipments.

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Save money on
unused space

Only pay for the space you use by sharing containers with accredited customers in the Silq network.

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