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Silq App T&A Calendar
Manufacturing Simplified

Take control of your production

From design to delivery, track all of your timeline, quality and compliance data in one place.
Your supply chain control tower

We maintain your source of truth

A high level overview of all of your projects and orders in a dashboard that allows you to drill down to a single SKU and requires zero implementation effort for your team. We set up and maintain your data so you can run your business.

Seamless visibility across teams

Time & Action Calendar

Silq tracks your upcoming and completed production milestones according to a Time & Action calendar specifically tailored to your manufacturing process. All updates are logged directly in the Silq app for easy reference and accountability and can be exported in an excel.

Accelerating speed to market

Sample Reviews & Approval Logs

Approve or reject samples directly in the app, based on real-time feedback from Silq boots-on-the-ground. All approvals and changes are logged for future reference and used as input for future inspections and production.

Real time communication

In-app communication synced with your email

Our team communicates with you directly through our app on threaded, searchable comments and live messaging. Our comment feature also syncs with your email so you can reply anytime, anywhere.

Purchase Order Management

Shipment Tracking

Better predict shipment ex-factory dates to book your freight further ahead of time and increase your schedule reliability. The Silq App allows you to track your inventory all the way through to your fulfillment center.

  • A centralized data and document repository for your supply chain. Say no to Excel!

  • Transparency into your production processes and inventory.

  • Unify stakeholders on a common platform for better collaboration and accountability.

Get complete visibility
into your manufacturing process.

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