Why Ordering Little and Often is Good for Business

October 23, 2023
Ram Radhakrishnan
Founder & CEO


Discover how the trend of staggering inventory orders can revolutionize your business by enhancing cash flow, reducing storage costs, and improving agility — especially when complemented by Silq’s innovative logistics solutions.

Inventory management might not be the first thing you think of when considering how a business operates, but it's a cornerstone that can make or break a company. Have you ever thought about how businesses decide how much stuff to keep in stock? A new trend that's making waves is the idea of "staggering inventory orders." This might sound complicated, but it's a simple and effective way to solve some age-old business problems. So, why might this strategy be your ticket to better business management? Let's dig in.

What is Staggering Orders?

When we talk about "staggering orders," we're describing the practice of making multiple, smaller orders for goods over time rather than one big purchase all at once. The idea is to have enough stuff on hand to meet customer demand without overspending on storage or risking products becoming outdated. It's a way of making sure you have just the right amount of inventory, right when you need it.

Benefits of Staggering Orders

So why should you care about staggering orders? Well, it offers several advantages that tackle the complicated aspects of inventory management from multiple angles. Here are some of the big wins:

Enhanced Cash Flow

We all know that having cash readily available is key to running a smooth operation. By ordering smaller amounts more frequently, you're not sinking a large chunk of your money into products that just sit in a warehouse. It's startling, but nearly half of small businesses don't even track their inventory effectively. Poor cash flow can be a killer. Staggering orders can serve as a lifeline for your business's finances.

Inventory Optimization

Staggering orders means you can better match what you have in stock with what people actually want to buy. Did you know that roughly 16% of items bought in stores and online are returned? This means that keeping track of what's coming and going is vital for business success, and staggering orders helps you achieve this balance.

Reduced Storage Costs

If you've got less stuff in storage, you're going to spend less on maintaining that space. In today’s world, warehouse space is a hot commodity—companies are so desperate for it that they're even willing to pay for spaces that haven’t been built yet. Staggering orders helps you minimize the amount of space you need, cutting costs in the process.

Improved Agility

Faster and more frequent orders mean you can adapt to the market more easily. Consumers are changing their shopping habits at an alarming rate. According to McKinsey and Co., roughly 77 percent of consumers have changed brands, stores, and the way they shop in general over the course of the pandemic. If you want to stay in the game, you've got to be ready to change with them. Staggering allows for this flexibility.

Lower Risk of Overstocking

Having too much of something isn't just wasteful; it's also expensive. In fact, U.S. retailers lose a jaw-dropping $123.4 billion each year due to overstocking. Staggering orders can help you avoid becoming part of this costly statistic.

How Silq Can Help

Staggering orders become even more impactful when complemented by smart logistics solutions, and this is where Silq steps up as your go-to partner. From cutting shipping costs to offering state-of-the-art tracking, Silq's services are designed to integrate seamlessly with your staggering strategy.

Lower Shipping Costs Through Consolidation

Silq has mastered the art of shipment consolidation. By gathering smaller, frequent orders and bundling them into one substantial shipment, we can cut your shipping expenses by a significant margin. What's more, our partnerships with major carriers ensure that you get premium service without the premium price tag. This symbiotic relationship between staggered orders and consolidated shipping by Silq helps make your entire supply chain more economically efficient.

Real-time In-transit Tracking

Gone are the days of uncertainty and tedious tracking. Silq’s proprietary tracking technology provides real-time updates on your shipments. Our system integrates with your existing inventory management setup, offering a cohesive view of your stock levels and shipments. This not only aids in effective staggering but also enables you to make data-driven decisions, enhancing your supply chain's agility and responsiveness.

On-Site Inspection Services

Accuracy and quality assurance are the backbone of effective inventory management. Silq's on-site inspection services provide an extra layer of security and confidence. Before any consolidated shipment leaves the warehouse, our expert team conducts thorough inspections to ensure product quality and order accuracy. This feature is particularly useful in a staggered ordering system where frequent, smaller shipments are the norm. With Silq's on-site inspections, you can rest easy knowing that each order is exactly as it should be, reducing the risk of costly errors or returns.

Staggering orders, while a powerful strategy on its own, becomes a comprehensive solution when combined with Silq's services. Silq's consolidated shipping, real-time tracking, and on-site inspections provide an optimized, trustworthy, and cost-effective approach to inventory management. Connect with Silq today to explore how we can synergize your staggered orders and elevate your supply chain efficiency.

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