Manage quality and ship on time

Built to protect brands, businesses and bottom lines

Why Silq on-site inspections?

We facilitate improved quality, compliance and on time delivery

Enhance trust and quality
Silq's team of on-site experts represent your interests on the factory floor. They identify defects and recommend corrective actions to maintain a high-bar on quality.
Manage production on a budget
At $175 per man-day, our inspectors give you a direct feed of data from your factory. All for less than the cost of a DirectTV subscription.
Build intuitive shipping plans
Leverage Silq’s factory inspections to regulate the flow of goods from your suppliers and plan shipments on a fixed schedule.
Minimize product returns
By inspecting the merchandise during production, Silq helps you combat product returns and enhance your brand's reputation.

Leverage production
insights to ship more efficiently

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Ship more

Don't wait to fill a container. Ship each SKU as soon as its ready and keep your inventory moving.

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Don't put all your eggs
in one basket

Accelerate and de-risk your supply chain by splitting your POs into multiple shipments.

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Save money on
unused space

Only pay for the space you use by sharing containers with accredited customers in the Silq network.

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