Building Resilient Supply Chains: Strategies and Considerations for Diversifying Beyond China

June 27, 2024
Ram Radhakrishnan
Founder & CEO


  • What makes China great for sourcing?
  • Is South East Asia a reasonable alternative?
  • How should you go about diversifying your supply chain?


While supply chains have managed to move past the disruptions resulting from the pandemic, the lingering effects of COVID-19 on sourcing and logistics operations continue to shape businesses’ strategies for the future. Supply chain resiliency is a term that has found high relevance in company boardrooms, with management keen on ensuring sourcing — and the logistics of it — continues to stay fireproofed from market uncertainties.

Diversifying sourcing operations has become a priority for businesses as they seek to mitigate risks and enhance supply chain resiliency. This has put the spotlight on Southeast Asia, with countries like Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia emerging as attractive alternatives for sourcing due to their growing manufacturing industries and favorable business environments.

Check out our latest whitepaper on this topic to uncover strategies and considerations while diversifying your supply chains beyond China!

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