Enhancing Trade Efficiency with Direct LCL Shipping from Nhava Sheva to New York

June 3, 2024
Ram Radhakrishnan
Founder & CEO


 Reviewing the launch of Silq's direct LCL service from Nava Sheva to New York and how it is improving trade efficiency between the two regions.

Enhancing trade efficiency between Nhava Sheva and New York with direct LCL shipping allows more businesses and supply chains to explore new opportunities they would otherwise have neglected.

Trade between Nhava Sheva and New York connects India’s largest port and container freight station with the economic hub of the West. Incidentally, this direct LCL route connects the financial capitals of two of the most powerful economies in the world today. Enhanced trade between them could spell a new era for global trade and international shipping. With direct LCL logistics and shipping, businesses and supply chains operating in the regions can start shipping goods without the concern of transloading or delays at different port of calls.

Direct less-than-container load (LCL) shipment allows shippers to maximize shipping efficiency and leverage consistent sailing schedules. This means they can plan orders to meet the unique needs of their customers.

What Makes Direct LCL Shipping Different

Direct LCL shipping differs from the FCL shipment or traditional LCL cargo service. The traditional LCL cargo service typically consolidates multiple LCL shipments into a single container space from different points of origin across several ports or hubs. 

Traditional LCL also witnesses transloading at port of call, where the container can be reopened to add or remove cargo. Naturally, this led to slower transit times and more than necessary handling points.

Direct LCL logistics eliminates these ‘extra steps’ by consolidating the container at one single port and moving to the destination port without any stops. Leveraging it will ensure your cargo travels from Nhava Sheva to New York on the same vessel.

This way, there is almost no handling in between, expediting the delivery of the shipment or cargo.

With direct LCL delivery, the supply chain or shipper can enjoy simplified logistics operations, leading to lower costs, faster deliveries, and improved tracking.

How Direct LCL Shipping Between Nhava Sheva and New York Will Enhanced Trade

Enhancing Trade Efficiency with Direct LCL Shipping from Nhava Sheva to New York

Direct less than container load between Nhava Sheva and New York will simplify trade between the two markets.

It reduces the barrier of entry to businesses looking to explore either of the markets, but are hesitant due to low volume and inefficient traditional LCL options. Below are some of the perks that direct LCL shipping exposes businesses and supply chains operating in both regions to:

Increased Efficiency

The current transit time between Nhava Sheva and New York is 37 days.

With Silq's direct LCL shipping, businesses can save 4 days, getting their shipments in 33 days. The faster transit time can improve efficiency in logistics and supply chain operations. It allows these supply chains to reduce or restrategize their safety stock, reducing inventory holding costs and inventory levels. The increased timing also allows for the optimization of the entire logistics process to reduce lead times and meet consumer demands faster.

Cost Reduction

The traditional LCL freight is expensive, but with Silq's direct LCL shipping, shippers and supply chains can save up to 20%.

It lowers shipping costs by eliminating consolidation fees and reducing the risk of damage during multiple handoffs. Reduced risks in shipping operations could also translate to reduced insurance fees. Shipping and logistics take up a chunk of the logistics, and by reducing it, businesses have cash they can repurpose or direct towards other aspects of the business.

Enhanced Competitiveness

In an increasingly volatile and unpredictable logistics landscape, direct LCL shipping can provide opportunities for supply chains to gain a competitive advantage.

Silq's Priority LCL Service assists businesses and supply chains in eliminating this uncertainty, ensuring they know exactly what to expect.

Improved Trade Flow

Direct LCL shipping can encourage a smoother flow of goods between the two regions. This way, importers and exporters benefit from trading in both markets. It can also strengthen trade links between the two countries, fostering increased trade volumes and economic activity.

What Shippers Should Know About The Direct LCL Service

Enhancing Trade Efficiency with Direct LCL Shipping from Nhava Sheva to New York

Although the direct LCL shipping between Nhava Sheva and New York is a game changer for shippers, supply chains, and businesses operating in both regions, there is some information that will help these stakeholders take full advantage of the priority service.

Minimum Cargo Requirements

Unlike traditional LCL freight or full container load shipping, direct LCL consolidates the container at a single port or hub. This is great for businesses with LCL cargo, irrespective of the size of their shipment. Direct LCL is perfect for shippers requiring FCL-level care for their LCL cargo, as consolidation at a single port reduces the chances of damage.

Limited Availability

The direct LCL service may not work for all cargo. Currently, Silq's target shippers are fashion importers and e-commerce sellers selling merchandise on marketplaces like Amazon. And customers who use Section 321 by moving cargo to the US, which is actually outbound (without clearing customs) to Mexico. The cargo is stocked in Mexican warehouses, where client orders are fulfilled from Mexico to the US, helping these businesses avoid customs duties and taxes.

Planning and Flexibility

Businesses considering direct LCL may need to be more flexible in their planning than traditional LCL. This is because they might need to book shipments further in advance to ensure enough cargo is available to meet minimum requirements.

Puri Cosmetics Dominating North America With Silq’s Direct LCL Shipping

Selling Indian cosmetics in India? No problem.

Taking them to the U.S.? Well, Puri Cosmetics needed a solution, and they needed it fast. It was a case of now or never for the cosmetics business. And if they couldn’t find a solution, it was possible that all the investments and strides they had made in the U.S. market could come to naught. It would have been especially painful considering the company’s products were gaining traction in the new market.

Stumbling upon Silq was all it needed to solve the shipping freight issue. By leveraging Silq’s direct LCL logistics service from Nhava Sheva to New York, the cosmetics business had a way of guaranteeing consistent shipping without having to worry about unnecessary handling. Puri Cosmetics needed assurance of faster delivery, improved efficiency, and a solution that would help the company save money. It also had the option of leveraging Silq's air freight solutions.

It was all it needed from Silq, and within months, Puri Cosmetics was back on its A-game.

With Silq’s platform, the transformation came easier than expected. Everything was handled seamlessly across the supply chain. Planning began at the Indian factories, and Silq provided transparency every step of the way.

Silq: The Direct LCL Partner You Can Trust

Silq prides itself on helping small shippers think big.

The Silq platform is optimized for growing businesses with a diverse supplier network. With our new LCL shipping routes and ocean freight network, we can help more of these businesses explore new frontiers and continue to grow. Silq's Priority LCL Service is guaranteed to move every week and is booked on priority vessels with Matson and CMA's EXX service for the Shanghai to Los Angeles Service and CMA's Nhava Sheva to New York Service.

This allows the containers to be the "Last One to get on board, First one to get off" the vessel.

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