Launching Silq’s Direct LCL Service: Nhava Sheva to New York Amid Global Challenges

May 16, 2024
Ram Radhakrishnan
Founder & CEO


Reviewing the launch of Silq's direct LCL service from Nava Sheva to New York amid global challenges and how it is changing the game for shippers.

The prolonged Red Sea crisis has made it difficult for shippers, carriers, and the average freight forwarder to operate effectively, as it involves vessels to circumvent Africa to move westwards from Asia. To tackle this situation, Silq has launched a direct LCL freight service from Nhava Sheva to New York, connecting India’s largest container port in Mumbai to the commercial capital of the United States.

This move by Silq is due to popular demand from customers, allowing shippers more flexibility and control over their cargo via direct freight moves rather than transloading across European ports. The LCL freight service is particularly targeted at helping shippers that import from the Indian subcontinent, currently lacking a cheap and efficient trade lane due to unpredictability with shipping operations crossing the Middle East.

However, with Silq’s new LCL logistics service, shippers can expect 20% cheaper freight operations and a more reliable transit time. With accurately estimated transit times, supply chain operations trading along these routes can be planned and streamlined more effectively.

Why is a Direct Route Between Nhava Sheva and New York So Important?

Silq's direct line between Nhava Sheva and New York is a game changer for LCL shipments between both countries. It will allow for a more seamless flow of shipments and containers between the two regions.

Reliable Shipments

It allows for more reliable LCL shipping. Meaning fewer delays and more predictable transit times. Now, shippers can effectively plan their shipping operations and LCL cargo without anticipating surprises. This way, their supply chain operations are better off, and they can effectively get goods to consumers when they need to. You can expect this to boost consumer satisfaction.

Streamlined Flow of Goods

Silq’s direct route will not entertain transloading in transit ports across Africa or Europe. This way, shippers can focus on ensuring a streamlined LCL cargo process that allows for the seamless coordination and movement of goods between both ports. Integrating transloading into the route is more of a nuisance, considering the unpredictability of the process, leading to delays and the possibility of containers rolling /bumping off at the transit ports.

Negating transloading will allow for a more effective and faster shipping process, helping businesses and shippers get their goods to their destinations quickly.

Lower Costs

Currently, the cost of shipping and logistics between the two regions can get very expensive. This is primarily because of the unpredictable nature of the routes, and the carriers are trying to protect themselves. With Silq’s direct LCL logistics service, shippers can expect lower LCL shipping rates along the Nhava-Sheva route, even if they push smaller shipments. It also allows them to plan or budget their shipping operations and logistics more accurately.

Why Shippers Choose Silq's Direct Nhava Sheva to New York LCL Service?

The direct route between Nhava Sheva and New York comes at a time when shippers are weary of global logistics and shipping operations. However, Silq has pulled all the ropes to ensure that shipping freight through the less-than-container load service is simplified and shippers can have a better experience throughout the entire container freight operation.

Priority Service

Silq’s direct LCL service between Nhava Sheva and New York is a priority service guaranteed to move every week. The service is booked on priority vessels with Matson and CMA’s EXX service for the Shanghai to Los Angeles service and CMA’s Nhava Sheva to New York Service. For shippers, this means they get priority treatment for their shipments throughout the freight operation.

It allows us to ensure that our clients' containers and shipments are the last to get in and the first to get out. 

Trade Boost

The new direct LCL cargo service will facilitate the logistics process and allows for seamless and immediate transfer of goods from vessels to trucks and other vehicles. It will also help shippers save time and cost when there is a transloading process required at the destination.

Streamlining LCL shipping between the two ports will boost trade volume in a time-sensitive global logistics landscape. But maybe more than that, it allows shippers from the two markets to explore more lucrative opportunities.

Faster Delivery

The direct route is faster than the average LCL shipping transit times between the two regions. This won’t be a first for Silq, though. Silq's Shanghai to Los Angeles Routing has a 12-day transit time as against the market average of 18-day transit. The new Silq's direct LCL cargo service from Nhava Sheva to New York transit time is 33 days. That is against the average shipping time of 37 days using indirect routings.

Because of the reliable and faster option the direct route offers, it will be immensely beneficial for time-sensitive LCL freight shipping because it would minimize risks such as spoilage or contamination. Silq’s new direct route between Nhava Sheva and New York will also be critical in expediting delivery to market. Examples of products positively impacted by these new routes are fresh produce and pharmaceuticals.

Who Are Silq’s Target Shippers For The Nhava Sheva to New York Direct Route?

Silq’s target shippers for the direct routes from Nhava Sheva to New York are fashion importers and e-commerce sellers with products displayed and sold on online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Facebook marketplace. The target shippers also factor in clients who use inbound shipments or section 321 of the U.S. Customs regulatory policy. 

Inbound shipments are imports that reach the U.S., which are then moved out without clearing customs into Mexico. Once in Mexico, the shippers can fulfill client orders out of Mexico and into the United States. That way, shippers can avoid customs duties and taxes.

How MJK Fashion House is Dominating The United States Through Silq’s Direct LCL Service Between Nhava Sheva and New York

MJK Fashion House is an Indian fashion brand that produces and sells sarees and lehengas in large quantities across the globe. With the U.S. having a large Indian diaspora, it only made sense for the company to be strategic about its entry into the United States.

However, shipping was becoming a huge issue. Considering MJK is a known brand, people associated the fashion house with perfection and quick delivery. However, with the recent shipping trade lane complexities, MJK was struggling to make quick deliveries to its customers, making it a logistics headache.

MJK Fashion House pushed LCL freight, which made things worse. Transloading was common and roll-overs could be delayed, making it crucial for the brand to find a service that was timely and efficient if it still entertained hopes of salvaging its presence in the world's biggest consumer market.

In its search for a solution, MJK partnered with Silq. Having just launched a direct LCL freight shipping service between Nhava Sheva and New York, Silq was in a great position to help MJK stabilize its shipping operations and get back to delivering the best sarees and lehenga to its customer base in the United States.

With Silq, MJK was able to leverage the direct route between Nhava Sheva and New York to get its LCL cargo to consumers in the U.S. It was also meant giving customers a more accurate timeline and have merchandise handy in warehouses and distribution centers across the country. This allowed MJK to take advantage of several online marketplaces in the country and deliver on time to its customers.

Suddenly, the once desperate business now has a foot in the door and plans to expand further within the U.S. market.

Silq’s Less Than Container Load Service is The Way To Go

Did you know that 80% of international trade is done through ocean freight operations? Without question, maritime shipping is the lifeline of international trade, trumping air freight movement. However, these businesses do not always have to or want to book a full container load, seeking less-than-container space to ship their cargo.

This is where Silq’s FCL shipping and its new LCL shipping service play a significant role for businesses seeking LCL shipment. It allows shipping any quantity, over any distance, and bridges the gap between the business and its customers. Get started today.

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