One place for all your Inspections data!

October 23, 2023
Aashima Dhankhar
Product Manager


Inspections data and status are among the top leading indicators of cargo readiness. Thus, they are a great tool to proactively identify potential delays and plan shipment bookings effectively. To facilitate this identification, Silq Pro customers now have access to all their Inspections data from in-factory product inspections in one simple-to-use dashboard.

Accurate production status is critical to plan an optimal shipping schedule for your orders but let’s face it, trying to determine it through a long email thread with the supplier is no fun. And the dread of receiving a consignment that doesn’t meet product specifications! Experts say that product recalls cost businesses over $25billion annually, not taking the second order effects such as lost sales or brand damage into account. Silq solves these problems by inspecting your goods at the factory at various stages of production (pre-production, in-line, final) and recording the findings along the way in the Silq app.

All the inspection information collected on the factory floor will now be available to view in one unified view for each product. This information can then help our users manage the shipment booking for ready to ship goods or take corrective action on rejected inspections early on and avoid costly product recalls.

The inspections dashboard will allow you to both glance through your inspections data at a zoomed out level and dive deeper into the specifics of a given product or inspection. Here are some of the specific benefits that users can gain from this dashboard:

At Silq, we believe that Inspections data is a fundamental piece in the puzzle of optimized supply chains. The inspections dashboard will serve as a tool to empower you with this information in a digestible format to make shipment decisions easier. Log in now to explore the various ways in which inspection data can help improve your logistics outcomes! If you have any questions about Silq’s Inspection services, reach out to your account manager today.

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