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on your first inspection
mention code ‘MAGIC23’ to get 50% off on your first inspection

Our Services

Factory Audit
$175/Factory Inspection

Perform a detailed on-site audit to evaluate infrastructure, capacity and capabilities assessment, environmental impact certificate verifications, labor practices along with upto 5 custom fields can be verified.

PP Sample Inspections
TOP Sample Inspections

$99/ Product (upto 3 variants)

Accelerate product development by leveraging on-site evaluations prior to the sample shipping.

Inline Inspections & Final Inspections
$175/inspection service

Ensure sample feedback and corrective actions are incorporated during production. Minimize expensive returns by identifying defects prior to ship out.

Shipping services
Ocean and Air Freight

Silq offers attractive time and cost savings by enabling access to unused container space for Silq customers, using data aggregated off inspections, by Silq’s on-site teams.